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To compete in USA Boxing events, individuals must transition into our Amateur Boxing program by meeting specific criteria. Prospective participants need to possess advanced boxing skills and complete 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and a 3-mile run in under 24 minutes to qualify. Within three months, they must achieve 300 repetitions of each exercise and complete a 3-mile run in 18 minutes or better to maintain their spot in the group which is limited to only 10 students.


Our program emphasizes fairness and resilience, with no tolerance for favoritism or leniency. Training initially occurs Monday through Thursday for 2 hours, expanding to a 5-day schedule with 3-hour sessions. Competition starts at the local level in within your state, entering club and district tournaments.


Only 5 will be accepted to move into the Elite Traveling Team which enters state, regional, national and international tournaments. This is for those aspiring to reach the Olympics and eventual ranks of professional boxing. Our traveling team After accumulating 20 bouts will have all gym fees are waived.


Due to extensive travel, participants at the elite level must enroll in homeschooling. For our fighters out of California, training will be held in Arizona before any major event and housing will be provided. Parents please be aware of training locations and all fighters must be of legal age to travel without a parent.


The program aims to guide boxers towards Olympic and professional success, boasting a track record of developing 19 champions at national, international, and world amateur levels, with three transitioning to professional titles.


We require unwavering commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, low body fat percentage of 6% or lower, and adherence to drug testing protocols. The program covers all expenses during camps and events, secures sponsorships for financial stability, and focuses on nurturing dedicated elite boxers for Olympic and professional aspirations. Interested individuals can contact the Warzone for further information.

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