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Daniel Chucky Barrera


Our coach for the Bullhead City location is no other than Head Coach Al Franco, a seasoned boxing mentor, is celebrated for his unwavering dedication to the sport and exceptional coaching prowess. With a coaching career spanning three decades, Coach Franco has honed his skills, making a lasting impact on the boxing community. Having started as a young boxer at the age of 8, he seamlessly transitioned into a revered coach over the years.


In 1997, Coach Franco's coaching journey began through a serendipitous encounter, laying the foundation for his illustrious coaching legacy. His commitment to nurturing talent and transforming careers became evident when he coached his first client, a professional boxer with a modest 3-4 record. Under his guidance, the boxer not only achieved an impressive 13-win streak but also secured a state title before retiring with a 16-4 record.


Coach Franco's influence expanded widely, starting with law enforcement and professional fighters, then their families, and eventually reaching the public. His impact on individuals seeking to improve their fitness, confidence, and self-defense skills is evident through the success of one of today's most prominent boxing gyms.


In 2002, he founded the renowned Warzone Boxing Club in California, known for producing numerous amateur and professional champions, gaining global recognition in the boxing world. In 2015, Coach Franco established the ABY Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting individuals affected by Parkinson's, veterans with PTSD, and children dealing with obesity and diabetes.


Coach Franco's coaching philosophy revolves around tailoring training programs to meet each client's unique needs and aspirations, ensuring that realistic goals are set and achieved through unwavering dedication and commitment. His coaching accolades underscore his steadfast dedication and expertise in the sport, having guided numerous athletes to success, including National, International, and World Amateur Champions, as well as Professional Champions. His accomplishments also include mentoring Olympic representatives and fostering top-ranked amateurs and elite athletes.

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