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The Best Boxing Club for Kids Boxing, Teen Boxing & Men’s Boxing Classes In Bullhead Arizona


Welcome to the Warzone Boxing Club, now open in Bullhead City, Arizona, expanding our premier boxing training from Southern California. With established locations in Rialto and Upland, California, our newest facility brings authentic boxing training to Bullhead. We offer Men's Boxing, Teen Boxing, and Kids' Boxing classes, along with training for amateurs and professional competition. Our mission is to create an inclusive environment for top-notch training in fitness, self-defense, and competition, led by experienced coaches with over a century of combined experience. Since our inception in 1997 in Riverside, California, our journey has evolved to emphasize knowledge and structure, culminating in the formation of the Warzone Boxing Club in 2002.


We prioritize enhancing fitness, building confidence, and imparting real self-defense skills, with a track record of producing champions and dedicated coaches who are certified and licensed by the California State Athletic Commission and other governing bodies, in multiple states and countries.


All boxing classes cater to both male and female students of all skill levels, including beginners, novices, and those seeking advanced competition training. Classes are tailored for different age groups: kids boxing for ages 7 to 12, teens boxing for ages 13 to 17, and adults boxing for those 18 and over, with focused training for each group. We ensure strict separation between adult, teen, and kid classes with dedicated time slots and safety measures in place. Beginner and novice classes start at 2 days per week, progressing to a 4-day program upon meeting physical requirements of 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups. Sessions are 60 minutes long, limited to 15 students.

For those interested in our advanced boxing program, we offer rigorous 2-hour sessions four days a week, requiring a higher level of commitment and specific physical qualifications. Emphasizing serious training, self-defense, fitness, and competitive skills, we prepare members as if they are gearing up for competition. Our reputation for excellence in serving serious boxing enthusiasts has been upheld for nearly three decades. Aspiring competitors aiming to participate in USA Boxing events must excel in our advanced program, demonstrating mental strength and endurance by meeting specific fitness benchmarks. To remain eligible, participants must achieve set fitness goals within a defined timeline. Please be aware that we are not a community center or a babysitting service; our primary focus is on offering exceptional training and support to all our members.

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